The Art of Living Talk: Solo Women Travellers moderated by Lucinda Law


This talk delves into the adventures, encounter and experiences of four independent women travellers through visual presentations and personal recounts. Collectively, they have travelled to more than 200 cities and all continents except Antarctica and Arctic . Hear how to negotiate the Trans Siberian rail route and glaciers in Iceland, truffle-hunt with a Lagotto Romagna dog in Italy, sail to the Galapagos Islands and swim with sea lions and turtles, free-dive in honduras or shuck abalone on a steel boat in winter on the Taman Sea.

The talk focuses on some of the reasons why they decide to embark on the journeys and how they go about doing it. Additionally, they will also discuss how they keep their wits about them during unnerving situations and also offer practical tips and guides to inspire women to live adventurously, unfettered by fear. Most importantly, they will also share what engage their senses, how they view the world through documentation of their journeys whether through writing, images or videos.

A talk with many references to travel literature that ask how travel has and can essentially change the viewpoints of women about the world and themselves?

The Art of Living is a 4-part series boasting a unique introspection into topics that embraces the zeitgeist. Each session is moderated by writer/educator/artist Lucinda Law, where she speaks to two invited guest speakers.

The Language of Youth Identity in Fashion (21 Nov 2015)

Intrepid Solo Woman Travellers (5 Dec 2015)

Bringing Nature Indoors (9 Jan 2016)

The Rise of Free Website Builders (27 Feb 2016).

About the speakers:

Carlyn Law

Carlyn Law started out as a writer and editor for lifestyle magazines and websites, and helmed her own Public Relations and Communications agency as a director for 13 years. Currently relishing her role as a full-time mom, she is an active advocate for several causes close to her heart including cats, nature and food. An avid traveller since young, she enjoys the interaction with locals, hearing their stories and learning their cultures through their food and arts especially. She counts her three-month solo trip in Europe in 2005 as an ‘empowering and spiritual journey’ that she shares on her personal blog, which has in turn inspired her friends to go on their own solo journeys. The freelance photojourmalist continues to write and contribute travel articles and seeks inspiration everywhere she goes.

Vivian Lee

A free spirit with a healthy dose of curiosity and adventure, Vivian likes to explore new places and meet different personalities. Wherever she goes, she tries her best to learn the local language to make friends and immerse in the culture. One of her favorite part about traveling is Couchsurfing, where she gets to meet and sometimes stay at the homes of locals. She aspires for a world where everyone is a friend, and tries to live this through her interaction with people she meets. Vivian's default mode of travel is solo backpacking with minimal planning. A yoga practitioner with her spirituality rooted in Nature, she goes with the flow and lets the universe guide her in her journey. Although a city gal who is born and bred in Singapore, and have lived in New York City for over six years, Vivian is happiest in nature. Fresh air, clean water, lots of trees and good healthy food are important. She enjoys gardening and observing plants, including botany watercolor which she recently picked up. At home, she enjoys cooking and eating good vegetarian food, and experimenting with brewing kombucha with her mom. The next chapter of her journey will be back in Southeast Asia where she will find a place to grow food organically, build a sustainable home and work with the local community in harmony with nature. Ideally, somewhere where she can also freedives.

June Ismail

My desire to gallivant and travel - to explore, experience, learn and understand different social classes, culture and the contemplation of the beauty of nature, has become something akin to an addiction. It all started from my days of travelling for work; filming at times in remote cities, and from living abroad. The decision to become a freelance TV & Film producer/researcher has allowed a work and life balance that enables flexible scheduling of travel plans and the ability to roam freely. I am still able to take up projects and work remotely when I need to supplement my adventures. Reading inspires my choices of places. Curiosity makes me pen down those unknown places or certain intriguing facts. Research further fuels the desire to try get there. The journeys and destinations resulting from these readings and research are usually very fulfilling. Fours years of travelling solo have taught me to follow and trust my instincts which have become an important survival tool. Travel has made me more aware of my surroundings and what life has to offer. Never before has the adage "take time to stop and smell the roses" been more meaningful to me. It is an experience filled with freedom and yet, intimate connections with new environments and people from all walks of life. On a personal level, travel has brought me closer to a beautiful, soulful relationship with myself. Each adventure I embark on seem to lead to a bigger purpose in this great big journey we call 'life’.

Lucinda Law

Lucinda Law is a writer/editor, educator and artist. Her creative spectrum of professional work and artistic practice originates from her versatility in bridging theoretical and practice-led expressions based on a range of contemporary cultural lifestyle issues and topics rooted in art, design, communication, travel, nature and creativity. Her dedication to her field of interests is evidenced by her BA in English Language and Literature and MA in Fine Arts. She has previously worked as a lifestyle and travel editor in Singapore and Hong Kong. She has also edited and written numerous books and feature stories about arts, design, travel and lifestyle. She has also taught art and design cultural theory for more than 10 years. Above all, she is passionately inspired by the time-based quality of nature and beauty. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Forum of Critical Inquiry under SIT/Glasgow School of Arts. She enjoys creating botany-led artworks and write for WITHIN, a nature-inspired blog which she founded in 2015. Additionally, she moderates and jointly-curates a series of talks called the Art of Living with NLB held at library@orchard monthly.

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Sat Dec 5, 2015
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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The Art of Living Talk Series by NLB & Lucinda Law

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